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See our latest project: All of Us Are Heroes! Our book educates children about COVID-19: what it is, how to protect yourself from it, and how to cope with it during the pandemic. See how you can volunteer with us today.


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Amplifying voices advocating for social justice,

empowerment, and equal representation. 

Stick to Change is a youth-led, global organisation that promotes racial and social equity. Our digital platform shares content such as articles, art, and videos produced by the youth to inspire other young activists to take action in their local communities. Our goal is to connect the youth and build solidarity by highlighting narratives from around the world, to raise awareness and create a deeper understanding of the different issues that BIPOC face. As a part of Gen-Z, we tackle social issues present in today's world for a better future of our own. With this, our team strives for inclusivity, organizing projects and events to raise funds for various causes and to victims of racial and social injustice. 

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Our projects team have created products that are uniquely designed by the STC team! See how you can donate to support Black Lives Matter, Stop AAPI Hate today.


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